M11 - FIP Sharing Information in a Global Network (SIGN) Session: Workforce development and transformation strategies


Rula Darwish (University of Jordan, Jordan) and Amy Chan (University of Auckland, New Zealand)


This Sharing Information session will start with a contextual introduction on the FIP Workforce Transformation Programme and present new & updated workforce development frameworks. During this session, Member Organisations from Jordan and Indonesia will showcase their Transformation progress after a year of collaboration with FIP for a commitment in the transformation programme in pharmacy workforce in their countries. The event will also include the launch of newly updated FIP Frameworks: the FIP Global Competency Framework and the FIP Global Advanced Development Framework; we will discuss the importance of these frameworks, relevance and ways of implementation.



Zeid Kilani (Jordan Pharmacists Association, Jordan)

Falah Eddy Pariang (Indonesian Pharmacists Association, Indonesia)

Ian Bates (University College London, UK)

Lina Bader (FIP, Saudi Arabia)

Dalia Bajis (Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences, Saudi Arabia)

Kirstie Galbraith (Monash University, Australia)



Shepard Mhalaba (Drug and Toxicology Information Services, Zimbabwe)

Asmaa Al Hagan (Kuwait University, Kuwait)

Desak Ernawati (Faculty of Medicine Universitas Udayana, Indonesia)

Arit Udoh (Senior Clinical Project Manager at university of Birmingham, United Kingdom)


Learning Objectives

1: Understand the Transformation Programme progress in Indonesia and Jordan 

2: Describe Frameworks developed by FIP WDGs 

3: Discuss the implementation of the frameworks