PD1 - Global Workshop GRIP: Driving AMR action in a new decade



Join us for an interactive session, entitled: “Driving AMR action in a new decade”, co-hosted by the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership in conjunction with RB and FIP. Recognising the critical role of pharmacy in tackling AMR, this session will focus on the need for greater action within Pharmacy, as enablers for change. You will be invited to collaborate in the development of a global pharmacy AMR Roadmap – a dynamic and iterative tool that will entrench Pharmacy’s leadership role as we go forth in collectively fighting AMR.

Further regional workshops will be taking place over 16th and 17th September where you will have the chance to meet and work with influential Pharmacists in your region to define actions and make a commitment to a roadmap for tackling AMR at a local level in the lead up to FIP World Congress 2023.

Click here for the GRIP FIP Virtual 2020 AMR Workshop Pre-read Presentation



Welcome and Introduction

Sabiha Essack and FIP Lead


Translating FIP policy statement on AMR into action



Your role in enabling change

Sabiha Essack and Philip Howard


Utilising the behavioural change model to progress within AMR stewardship, from awareness to action



Introducing FIP AMR Commission

Leaders of AMR Commission


AMR Commission introduced with a brief on subsequent regional breakout sessions and the Pharmacy Roadmap