PS1 - Hot Topic: COVID-19 – Lessons learned and changes for the future – A global showcase of experiences and reflections

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FIP Programme Committee


Lars-Åke Söderlund, Apoteket AB, Sweden and Toyin Tofade, Howard University, USA


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Talk show style session, with prepared questions for panelists representing the different regions to provide short responses to specific questions. Panel members nominated by member organisations representing different regions.




    • Australia – Peter Fowler,  President, The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia
    • Italy – Maximin Liebl, former PGEU President, Federfarma
    • Spain – Sonia Ruiz Morán, Director of International Affairs, Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Farmacéuticos
    • Sweden – Ulf Janzon, Swedish Pharmacists Association
    • UK – Ravi Sharma, RPS Director of England, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
    • USA – Kasey Thompson, American Society of Hospital Pharmacists


    • What are some specific ways that the profession reacted to adjust and expand in your country/region due to the COVID-19 crises situation?  
    • What was the impact of these changes on patients? 
    • What ethical dilemmas/issues in pharmacy practice arose as a result of the pandemic?  
    • What are the gaps and opportunities for pharmacists in your country? 
    • How did the country address justice/equity issues in the face of testing/treatment/medicines shortages and access; discrimination/prioritization in patient care?  
    • What are some of the Privacy issues with the introduction of new tracking technologies?  
    • What are the effects of the lock down on the population’s mental health?  
    • In what way has culture affected the family unit and managing successfully in general, during this pandemic?  
    • What has been the impact on your organization as a whole and what words do you have for your members?  
    • Which information was critical to issue advisories to the membership and what was not available?