PD4 - Panel: Influenza vaccination – Strategic elements of development, supply and delivery for optimal prevention

FIP HQ in partnership with the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations - Influenza Vaccine Supply - IFPMA IVS


Ema Paulino, Professional Secretary FIP, Portugal


This panel will present and discuss the following points:

  • The WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) (for seasonal and zoonotic strains) strain selection process and the criticality of WHO collaboration with influenza vaccine manufacture. Namely, the panel will describe challenges/mitigations and their potential impact on vaccine supply;
  • An overview to public health importance of influenza vaccination
  • The public health importance of influenza vaccination and the role/challenges pharmacists may or do face when vaccinating people against influenza
  • How seasonal influenza vaccination by pharmacists adds value to the healthcare system and how this offers benefit in an influenza pandemic
  • What are the barriers and challenges faced by pharmacists becoming influenza vaccinators and how might these be reduced / mitigated?
  • How might flu vaccine manufacturers support broadening the understanding of pharmacists with their expanding role to become influenza vaccinators?

This event is supported through an unrestricted educational grant from IFPMA


  1. Welcome and introduction
    Ema Paulino, FIP Professional Secretary 
  1. Introduction to IFPMA IVS
    Bram Palache, IFPMA IVS
  1. Seasonal influenza vaccines: global strategic elements of development and supply
    Matthew Downham, IFPMA IVS 
  1. Community pharmacies’ preparedness for the coming flu season in times of COVID-19
    Hanne Andresen, Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Norwegian Pharmacy Association
  1. Questions from the audience
    Moderated by Ema Paulino
  1. Closing remarks
    Ema Paulino