M9 - The immediate global impact of COVID-19 on higher education institutions & workforce development

FIP Workforce Development Hub & AIM


Jill Boone (University of Cincinnati, USA) and Pierre Moreau (Faculty of Pharmacy, Kuwait)


The seminar will provide the overview, results and case studies regarding the rapid response of pharmacy education institutions for COVID-19. It will also highlight changes developed during the response to COVID-19 that serve as a template for improved education and practices for the future.  



Ian Bates (FIP Workforce Development, UCL, UK)

Louise Brown (UCL School of Pharmacy, UK)


Jill Boone (University of Cincinnati, USA)

Shepard Mhalaba (Drug and Toxicology Information Services, Zimbabwe)

Mariet Eksteeen (Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, South Africa)

Vibhuti Arya (St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA)


Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the survey results regarding the impact of COVID-19 on pharmacy education & workforce development. 
  2. Determine best practice changes in response to COVID-19 through presentation of individual case studies. 
  3. Identify practice and process transformations that resulted in improvements for the future.