PD5 - The value of vaccines for society and special populations: Vaccination in practice – A training course for pharmacists – Part 1

FIP HQ in partnership with GSK Vaccines


Ashok Soni, FIP Vice President, UK


This event will discuss the societal benefit of vaccines, including health gains, disease prevention and saved lives, but also increased productivity and educational outcomes, less burden on health systems, economic growth and humanistic benefits and quality of life. It will address the concept of and the strategies leading to herd immunity and how individual choices and policies affect collective health. And it will also discuss the particular benefits of vaccination for special population groups (adults/older adults, pregnant women, people with non-communicable diseases, etc.)  – including the importance of a life-course approach to vaccination. Finally, it will discuss the role that pharmacists may play in COVID-19 vaccination, when vaccines become available, as mass immunisation will be both urgent and essential.

This educational event is supported by GSK


  1. Introduction  
    Moderator: Prof Ashok Soni, FIP Vice President 
    (including the visualisation of two short videos on “Lifecourse immunisation and herd immunity” (2’30’’), and “Maternal immunisation” (2’16’’)) – 10 min  
  2. The societal value of vaccines 
    Dr Michael Moore, Past President of the World Federation of Public Health Associations  – 20 min  
  3. A life-course and inclusive approach to vaccination strategies 
    Prof. Justin Ortiz, Associate Professor, Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health, University of Maryland   – 20 min  
  4. Questions from the audience – 35 min  
  5. Wrap up and final remarks – 5 min