PD6 - Western Pacific Regional Workshop GRIP: The Roadmap for AMR success in Pharmacy



Following on from our Global plenary session, entitled: Driving AMR action in a new decade (12th September), you will have the chance to meet and work with influential Pharmacists in your region to define actions and make a commitment to a roadmap for tackling AMR at a local level in the lead up to FIP World Congress 2023.

Co-chaired by regional representatives from FIP and the Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP), we will drive a coordinated approach to action, culminating in the development of a FIP Pharmacy AMR Roadmap, which will be a compass to guide actions globally, sustaining momentum and tracking and evaluating progress of this global health priority for Pharmacy.

Click here for the GRIP FIP Virtual 2020 AMR Workshop Pre-read Presentation


09:00 – 09:10

Welcome and Briefing

John Bell and Leonila Ocampo


Introducing regional leads and ambitions of Pharmacy AMR Roadmap


09:10 – 09:55

Time to act

John Bell and Leonila Ocampo


A workshop to define regional actions on the AMR Roadmap, working with other pharmacists in your region to overcome the barriers to change


09:55 – 10:00

Thank you and close

John Bell and Leonila Ocampo


Measuring success and next steps